Tyler Einberger

Chief Operations Officer + Head of SEO
Tyler has 10 years experience in leading, assembling and executing SEO strategies in agency, freelance and in-house capacities.
Tyler Einberger Headshot, 2022

I'm a husband, and a dad to dogs and people. I've also been practicing SEO since 2010, when I first stuffed keywords into a website's meta tag and saw it work.

Since then, I've worked as a writer, editor, and SEO director for brands in health, SaaS, e-commerce, publishing, and more.

I enjoy solving problems, finding patterns, and creating things.

Personal metrics

  1. Favorite TV show: LOST
  2. Favorite meal: snacks
  3. Person with a Wikipedia page that I've hung out with: Clyde Stubblefield
  4. Best advice I've received: Everything is possible, but is it worth it?

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Tyler Einberger

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