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Tyler Einberger

Tyler has over 10 years experience in leading, assembling and executing SEO strategies in agency, freelance and in-house capacities.

Tyler Einberger, Head of SEO and COO at Momentic, is a seasoned expert in SEO and problem solving, with over a decade of experience in leading and executing strategies across agency, freelance, and in-house roles. As a firm believer in human-first SEO, Tyler thrives in his plural roles as a teacher, a learner, and a doer, focusing on data-driven and empathetic approaches to create effective content, technical, and UX strategies for businesses.

Having crafted digital strategies for hundreds of brands, including Fortune 100 companies and emerging markets, Tyler's background spans SEO, content, web development, management, agile processes, and lean manufacturing. He is highly skilled in technical SEO, international SEO, eCommerce and enterprise SEO, SEO testing, tracking, and advanced data analysis for medium to large-sized websites. Fluent in HTML, CSS, JS, JSON, and English, Tyler excels in problem-solving and pattern recognition.

Tyler is passionate about national parks, ethical travel, music, and sharing knowledge. As a testament to his commitment to education, he teaches Digital Marketing at the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee. Tyler's dedication to people and their experiences, coupled with his extensive experience, make him an invaluable asset in the world of SEO.

Tyler also writes and records music under the pseudonym, Twin Lull—a project he started in 2020 during COVID-19 lockdown.

Tyler is currently working to help create a more helpful internet landscape for people and audiences through thought leadership.

Personal metrics

  1. Favorite TV show: LOST
  2. Favorite meal: snacks
  3. Person with a Wikipedia page that I've hung out with: Clyde Stubblefield
  4. Best advice I've received: it's possible, but is it worth it?

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