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The people-first SEO helps create growth in organic search traffic and new customers at every stage in the marketing funnel.

People-first SEO

  • verifiedFind audience intent
  • verifiedCreate valuable content
  • verifiedHelp crawlers

SEO-led approach

  • verifiedFind keywords šŸ‘€
  • dangerousCreate keyword-rich content šŸ¤¢
  • dangerousBuild high DAĀ links šŸ¤®

Learn from overĀ 75,000 hours of hands-onĀ SEO experience

We've been tuning our approach to SEO for over 15 years (something like, 75,000 hours between all of us). We've read all the "SEOĀ best practices" guides & tested them too.

Below you'll find tested, iterated, and duly-edited SEOĀ best practices to create and maintain website content that ranks and provides value for your audience.



Published:Ā March 13, 2023 / Updated:Ā March 13, 2023

Module 1

Content planning &Ā process

Create a plan for powerful and engaging new content and keeping legacy content up-to-date. Also, is AIĀ content okay for SEO and readers?Ā 

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Tamara Hellgren
Module 2

Writing tips & essentials

Itā€™s important to create content that provides value to readers, and not just publish a different version of content that already exists. It's also important to optimize headings, page titles and meta descriptions for searchā€”without keyword stuffing.

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Casey Cuene
Module 3

Going beyond written content

Images, infographics and video are all examples of visual content that can be optimized for results pages in Search, Image Search, Video Search, and YouTube search. Using structured data (schema markup) can help your organic search results stand out by generating rich results.

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Bill May, the one in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Module 4

Technical SEO basics (no developer required)

Technical SEO encompasses a wide range of best practices, and there are many technical aspects of SEO that beginners can apply without having an advanced understanding of web indexing or code.

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Tyler Einberger