The Momentic Team

We live and breathe SEO. It’s in our DNA.

Collectively, we’ve been on a deep dive into SEO for nearly two decades. That matters because search engine algorithms are constantly changing. And no matter what your industry vertical, the competition is always advancing. The good news is, we make it our job to keep up with it so we can make the most strategic, highest ROI impact for your business in modern search engine algorithms.

We love the fact that SEO is a complex, interdisciplinary art. That means we get to flex a lot of different mental muscles.


We are huge fans of the Pareto Principle, which says that 80% of the impact is driven by 20% of your efforts. We’re laser focused on pulling the biggest levers.

Strategic Minds

Tactics are great, but they’re useless without an overall strategy that aligns with your goals and your brand. When done right, SEO can help inform your internal marketing priorities.

Data Geeks

We get down with numbers, but what we love even more is gleaning valuable insights that point to the highest ROI action items.

Creative Geniuses

This is true for us when it comes to content, technical SEO or even link building. We identify novel ways to achieve your goals.

Relationship Builders

Transparency, education and authenticity are our keys to creating strong partnerships, whether that be with our clients, third party vendors, or content marketing partners.

Technical Wizards

Regardless of your website’s Content Management System, we know how search engines see the code. We’ve worked with developers of all stripes to resolve even the thorniest technical SEO issues.

Our Team

Tony Van Hart

Tony Van Hart CEO + President

With over a decade of experience leading teams of content, social, and SEO strategists at full service advertising agencies, Tony’s decision to become the President of Momentic is a calculated one and a homecoming of sorts. His career began at a boutique SEO agency as the blend of art and science piqued his interest in digital marketing and helped him decide that helping businesses reach their audiences and goals through strategic planning and content creation was inevitably how he wanted to spend his time. While his past endeavors allow him to be a Swiss Army Knife in the content realm, Momentic’s laser focus on SEO allows him and his team to dial in to helping companies of any size become as visible as possible.

Tyler Einberger

Tyler Einberger COO + Director of SEO

Tyler has 10 years experience in leading, assembling and executing SEO strategies in agency, freelance and in-house capacities. He has increased the visibility of websites and brands ranging from enterprise-level ecommerce to online education to manufacturing suppliers to brick-and-mortar stores and consumer goods. Tyler has a developer’s savvy when addressing thorny technical issues and a data-driven eye for developing winning content strategies, in addition to holding an Advanced Google Analytics Certification. He finds joy in increasing ROI of websites through organic search and increasing UX and engagement through smart data analysis.

Lauren Keepers

Lauren Keepers Digital Strategy Analyst

Lauren’s passion for strategic content and digital PR empowers brands to be found organically. Prescriptive topic and audience research, competitive analysis, and technical SEO audits are techniques Lauren leans on in able to perceive a brand’s big-picture goals. This 360° approach delivers SEO strategies that also inform UX, PPC, and other digital media initiatives. Lauren’s number one goal is to function as an extended member and educator of our clients’ teams in order to implement agile marketing plans that maximize ROI.

seo jobs

We're Hiring! Digital Strategy & SEO Manager

Momentic is looking for a seasoned SEO to join our growing team. If you have the background, consider yourself to be coachable and you love SEO, we’d love to hear from you. Milwaukee, remote, or hybrid.

3+ years of SEO experience.

Please send resume to Tony Van Hart at [email protected]

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