Monthly SEO Plans

How fast do you want to move?

Plan 1

Meet monthly, work asynchronously. Good for lean teams who need SEO integration.


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Here's how most clients use Plan 1:

Research & Consulting
Monthly Strategy
Project Management
Custom Reporting

We have lower cost options for non-profits and small businesses we believe in.

Plan 2

Meet every two weeks and sprint.
Good for most teams that need to move at a fast-ish pace.



Here's how most clients use Plan 2:

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Research & Consulting
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Strategy once every 2 weeks
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Project Management
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Custom Reporting
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Monthly Sprints
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Plan 3

Basically an in-house SEO team.
Prioritize and work around your timelines and KPIs.



Here's how most clients use Plan 3:

Research & Consulting
Perpetual Strategy
Project Management
Custom Reporting
Weekly Sprints
Team Integration
Want a custom plan? Reach out.

How to get started

Intro Meeting

We'll discuss your goals and pain points. We can go from intro to project kick-off in as little as one week.

Scope of Work

We'll put together an SOW based on our conversation.

Project Kickoff

We'll schedule a kick-off call between your team and ours.

What to expect

The First Week


  • SEO Brief & Discussion
  • Project Management Set Up (Asana)
  • Access to Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools, Local Listings

First Week Goals

  1. Set Timelines, Goals, & Expectations
  2. Set Meeting Format & Cadence
  3. Determine Best Communication Format (Slack, Asana, Email—it's up to you!)
  4. Agree on Goals & KPIs

What's Next? Begin Discovery

Weeks 2 - 4

Discovery Tasks

  1. Understand the landscape of the website; communication of low-hanging fruit opportunities
  2. Understand user search behavior & intent
  3. Understand competitive advantages & strategy
  4. Translate findings into clear & actionable priorities
  5. Present findings; determine owners and set timelines + goals

Findings Might Include:

  • Technical SEO Strategy (Fixes & Opportunities)
  • Website Structure & Taxonomy
  • Content Strategy (Short Term + Long Term Opportunities)
  • On-Page SEO Strategy
  • Local SEO Strategy (if applicable)
  • SEO Roadmap

Month 2+

  1. Discuss SEO strategy and priorities
  2. Execute the strategy
  3. Analyze the strategy

flow chart showing discovery and monthly cycle of typical Momentic SEO engagement

Monthly SEO Plans: FAQs

How long does the onboarding process take?

We'll typically get you onboarded within one week of the signed agreement.

What do the first few months look like?

For all pricing plans except Plan 3, the first month is dedicated to discovery and research. In the beginning of month two, we'll present our findings in a 1.5-hour meeting. After that, we'll work with your team to execute quick wins and prioritize larger tasks. Month three is dedicated to kicking off the execution engine and reporting framework.

What is Momentic's typical monthly cycle after the discovery phase?

We start every month with reporting, analysis, and a strategy session. After we agree on priorities, the Momentic teams spends the remainder of the month delivering and/or executing the priorities.

Do you charge for phone calls and emails?

Nope. Communication is what drives results, so we don’t charge for it.

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Core Services

Technical SEO

Structured Data & JSON


Target Audience(s)
Keywords & Topics
Search Intent
Information Architecture
Competitive Analysis
Gap Analysis


On-page SEO
‍Hands-On Training


Custom Reports/Metrics
Data Quality Control
Event & Goal Configuration
KPIs That Matter
Insightful Analysis
Next Step-Oriented

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"This team truly understands everything there is to know about SEO and has provided incredible value for our team."

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"Within three months of working with Momentic, there has been an improved new URL index rate of 100% and total non-branded clicks [increased] by a massive 349%."

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