About Momentic

At Momentic, we’re the SEO experts you’ve never worked with. There’s no black box. There’s no made up data to support our strategies. We’re transparent, accountable and engaged strategists who deliver on their promises.

With nearly two decades of combined experience, Momentic was founded by ex-large agency employees that know the value, monetarily and strategically, of working directly with experts without having to go through account and project managers to get answers or important work done. We are the account and project managers, as well as the SEO experts that you will be interfacing with at all times.

At Momentic we love what we do and we’d love to help your website reach its full potential by showing up in the moments that matter most.


Our Approach

Momentic takes a global perspective, as long-term success depends on it. For every client, we examine all 3 legs of the “SEO Stool”:

SEO Success

Technical SEO

Content Optimization

Link Profile

This helps us prioritize the areas of greatest need and ensures the maximum ROI from work in any one area. To see how we align our work with each leg of the stool, see the Services page.

And let us say it now: Momentic is purely “white hat”. SEO is an investment that requires patience to achieve long-term success, and search engines are smart enough these days that there are no short-cuts. Of course, we will still utilize every legitimate, leading-edge strategy that will help your brand get a jump on the competition. See the success we’ve had with this approach in our Case Studies.

How We Work

SEO has the greatest benefit when it’s incorporated into internal marketing processes and teams.

That’s why it’s in our DNA to help your team understand our recommendations, verify implementation, and evaluate performance. We share best practices with our clients so that they can grow internal capacity for SEO success.

At Momentic, we are process-focused and data-driven. We realize you’ve got a busy team, so we always follow up to ensure that initiatives are moving forward and ROI is being realized. We base our recommendations not just on hard data, but on the insights that can only come from in-depth analysis.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on living our values – for our clients, as team members, and elsewhere in the world:
  • Growth & ROI
  • Positive Impact for Clients, Employees & Community
  • White Hat Integrity
  • Clarity & Structure
  • Transparency & Education

An SEO-only agency focused on those values is going to make the right call every time for our clients, employees and community. They also put a lot of daylight between us and other SEO firms.

To learn about working at an SEO agency that lives amazing values, visit our Careers page.

“As a digital marketing consultant who has worked with many Search Engine Optimization specialists, I have been impressed by the wealth of SEO expertise that Momentic has brought to my client. Their technical knowledge, guidance on content optimization, and link building strategies have produced consistent long-term gains for my client’s most important web property. Plus, their focus on ROI and accountability means they’re always working in my client’s best interest."

Thierry Limousin

Founder & CXO, Digital First

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