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Momentic’s Core Values

June 17, 2022
Tony Van Hart
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We love what we do. We love our industry, our employees, our clients and our community. Momentic’s five core values define how we run Milwaukee’s only SEO-centric agency.

1. Growth & ROI

Marketing isn’t effective unless there are clear and measurable results, right? Momentic is 100% focused on growing your brand and providing maximum ROI. We founded Momentic with a maniacal focus on delivering quantifiable, game-changing results for clients.

We are accountable strategic minds, data geeks, creative geniuses, relationship builders and technical wizards 100% committed to delivering growth for your brand.

2. Positive Impact

In addition to the obvious positive impact we provide to our clients (ROI & Growth), Momentic is dedicated to having a positive impact on our employees and our community. We provide a great place to work and take excellent care of our employees. We’re also excited about engaging in efforts to improve the wider community.

We’re 100% committed to providing growth opportunities for our employees. There are many kinds of leadership, and they don’t all involve managing people. We’re experts precisely because we’re constantly learning; there’s a huge ROI on that, too.

3. White Hat Integrity

We’re the good guys. All work and management at Momentic is done with 100% ethical integrity. We’ll never try to “trick” search engines into ranking your website for keywords since those tactics usually don’t last. Instead, we take the ethical, strategic path to maximum organic search visibility to ensure that when your website gets there, it stays there.

4. Clarity and Structure

Clients engaged in our Monthly SEO Plans receive full access to a customized, web-based project management system so they always know where things stand. And our project-based clients receive shared dashboards for tracking action items. At every step, Momentic experts keep you updated on progress and focused on the blueprint for moving forward.

5. Transparency and Education

From our pricing to our completion of work, we pass it all on in the most transparent ways possible. There are no unnecessary layers and costs that many agencies pass on to their clients. We absorb the inefficiencies.

With this comes a level of service and results that are extraordinarily different than the majority of SEO agencies out there. We integrate seamlessly with your in-house marketing staff to pass on knowledge that keeps your brand growing for the long haul.

Put Momentic’s Values To Work For Your Brand

Want to learn more about how our company values translate into ROI for your website? Reach out to book 30 minutes.

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