SEO Careers at Momentic

There are many people who call themselves SEOs out there, but you’re legit.

You’re seasoned, you’re authentic and you wear a white hat. You know how to deliver success in the most efficient way possible. You see both the big picture of SEO and how all the essential details fit together.

You’re a customer-centric account manager and a results-driven strategist. You know how to get crucial insights out of a mountain of data and build creative new strategies around them. You’re a clear and consistent communicator, and an ever-engaged learner. You know how the guts of a website work, and you’re known for follow-through.

You thrive when you’re building your knowledge and sharing it with others, whether they be clients or co-workers.

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Why Momentic?

Because you just got really excited reading the words above!

Based in the Historic Third Ward just south of downtown Milwaukee, we offer a unique, specialized environment to practice your trade. We are a growing group of SEO experts building a leading team like no other.

Values & Culture

Our values drive our deliverables, our relationships and our culture. They’re values for how we work with clients, and how we work with each other. They’re what we expect of our employees, and what our employees can expect of the company.

Growth & ROI
 Positive Impact for Clients, Employees & Community
 White Hat Integrity
 Clarity & Structure
 Transparency & Education

Bountiful Bennies

We know offering great benefits is an essential part of attracting top notch talent:

  • Competitive Pay
  • Health, Dental & Vision Coverage
  • Matching 401k
  • Parking / Public Transport Included
  • Flexible Hours
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Casual Dress
  • Adjustable Desk, Ergonomic Accessories
  • Latest Laptops
  • Social & Volunteer Events
  • Delicious Local Coffee
  • Tasty Snacks

Current Opportunities

Stay tuned for position announcements here, or contact us with your resume and sample work.

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