SEO Infrastructure Packages

In Search Engine Optimization, the best long-term results derive from a consistent, holistic approach that addresses all 3 legs of the “SEO stool”. That’s our preferred strategy at Momentic.

But if you’re looking to jumpstart your site’s journey to organic search success, we offer these robust SEO Infrastructure Packages.

A package-based engagement can be followed up with additional projects addressing other legs of the SEO stool, or with one of our unique ongoing Point Pricing Programs.

Package 1: Agile SEO Audit

Looking for a comprehensive, affordable and rapid SEO review that’ll point you and your team in the right direction? Momentic’s Agile SEO Audit is both comprehensive and laser-focused on pulling the levers that will generate the greatest ROI for your site in organic search results.

Zero In On Your Top 5

We’ll dig deep into your site’s Technical SEO, Content and Link Profile (or Local SEO) to identify the 5 most impactful strategies that your team should focus on for the biggest long-term gains.

Typically Includes Analysis Of

Technical SEO

  • Indexation
  • Crawlability
  • User Experience
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Bonus Signals

Keywords and Content

  • Opportunities to Improve Existing Content
  • Content Gaps, Types & Intent
  • Competitor Analysis

Link Profile / Local SEO

  • Toxic Links
  • Lost & Broken Links
  • Competitor Research
  • Directory Listings


  • Detailed documentation on how to implement the 5 most impactful strategies for improving your site’s visibility in organic search
  • 1-Hour Review Call


  • 5 business days to compile recommendations


Notes & Options

  • For existing websites only.
  • Fix implementation, guidance and/or verification are not included in this package, so it’s best suited for organizations equipped with resources to independently and accurately implement our recommendations.
  • For teams seeking assistance with execution, ask about our implementation guidance and verification services.

Package 2: Technical SEO

Even if your site has amazing content, technical pitfalls can severely limit its visibility in organic search results.

Our comprehensive Technical SEO Audit process will identify improvements on everything from large e-commerce platforms to simple sites built with popular “SEO-friendly” Content Management Systems.

We ask:

  • Do search engine crawlers encounter road blocks and detours on your site?
  • Are on-page elements and background tags search engine-friendly?
  • Is your site completely mobile friendly, fast and secure?
  • Do bad URLs linger in search engine indexes?
  • Does your site send “bonus signals” to search engines?
  • If you’re a local business, does your site provide search engines with up-to-date information about your location(s)?

We’ll dive into all of those questions, educate you on what we find, clearly identify solutions, and provide step-by-step guidance for implementation.

Includes Analysis Of

  • Robots.txt
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Search Engine Indexation
  • Crawlability & Efficiency
  • Internal & External Links
  • On-Page SEO Elements
  • Duplicate Content
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Pagespeed
  • HTTPS Implementation
  • User Experience
  • Search Console
  • Schema / Structured Data
  • Analytics


  • 10 business days to compile recommendations
  • 10-15 business days for implementation


  • Depends on the size and status of your site. Request a free quote by filling out the form below!


*Timing of implementation is dependent on the Client’s prompt and correct implementation of recommendations.

Package 3: Keyword Research + Content Best Practices

What products, services and/or topics are members of your target audiences looking for most frequently, and what language do they use to search for them online?

Momentic’s insightful keyword research process will answer those questions by:

  • Identifying high-volume organic search topics to prioritize for optimization
  • Arming you with the language you’ll need to build relevant content

We’ll then provide a customized Content Best Practices Training and all the tools you need to optimize content independently going forward.


  • High Volume Topic Identification
  • Keyword Research
  • Customized Content Best Practices Guide
  • Content Planning Process Guide & Template
  • SEO Page Template
  • 1-Hour Training Session


  • 5-10 business days for keyword research
  • 5 business days for guides, templates & training


  • Depends on the number of topics you’d like keyword research on. Fill out the form below to request your free quote!

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