Shopify eCommerce: SEO Case Study

March 29, 2023
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SEO Discovery, Roadmap, & Ongoing Support
eCommerce (B2B)
Chart showing 200% increase in sales after 3 months of SEO work on a shopify website

SEO Results

25% increase in revenue from organic search
26% increase in organic search traffic to product detail pages (PDPs)
91% increase in non-branded clicks to PDPs
200% increase in non-branded impressions of PDPs in SERPs
Graph showing non-branded clicks to PDPs vs. total organic search revenue by month
Non-branded clicks to PDPs vs. total organic search revenue by month

More about Momentic's SEO work with the client

After getting obliterated in SERPs after a Google product reviews update, this young eCommerce company contacted Momentic to assemble an aggressive recovery plan and near-term SEO Roadmap to facilitate work between multiple teams. Below are the results 3 months after implementation began.

The output of our discovery included a detailed plan and implementation support for: 

  • Product detail page redesign
  • Category page redesign
  • New product / category mapping for 50,000+ products
  • Implementation of programmatic internal linking / breadcrumb logic
  • Large structured data ( markup) overhaul
  • Keyword / topic mapping for categories

But, before Momentic dug into the discovery process, we spent a week with their internal team to assemble KPIs and goals to work towards. This helped the Momentic team create a targeted SEO plan to work towards the goals of recovering ranking, traffic, and revenue lost after a Google update.

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