B2B SaaS SEO Case Study

March 29, 2023
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SEO Retainer
B2B Service and SaaS
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SEO Results

Increased non-branded organic visibility 7,000%
Increased non-branded organic traffic by 300%
Increased organic opps by 40% each year.
Increased organic revenue by 25% each year.
graph showing an increase in non-branded clicks
Non-branded clicks

More about Momentic's SEO work with the client

The client is an on-demand manufacturing company based in Chicago, IL. They reached out to Momentic because they were seeing no results from their incumbent SEO agency and had heard great things about us. 

The Problem 

The major issues that caused the client to seek a new SEO agency were: stagnation, low organic traffic numbers to all web pages, and an even lower amount of conversions from organic traffic. 

What we found to be the major issues upon our initial discovery were: core technical issues that were preventing the site from being crawled and rendered properly, duplicated and plagiarized content across important pages, no overall content strategy, and a lack of focus on the UX of key pages. 

The Strategy

Technical SEO 

  • Technical audit revealed many issues preventing search engines from properly crawling and indexing the site 
  • Foundationally, these needed to fixed first as any optimizations we’d make would go unseen


  • Thorough Investigations into all Services
  • Thorough Investigation main competition 
  • UX Competitive* + Latest Trends
  • Topic + Site Structure


  • Rewrite Plagiarized Content for Services 
  • Investigate Ideal Page Structure > SERP Analysis
  • Rewrite Meta Titles based on intent + opportunity
  • Optimized fresh and high opportunity articles

Data & Reporting

  • OKR-based quarterly structure
  • Competitive Scorecard 
  • GTM / GA Overhaul


  • On-boarded new hires 
  • Process - Briefing  
  • Process - Adding SMEs to Content Creation 
  • Process - Content Creation

Recurring Tasks

  • Weekly Status Meeting w/ Client & Dev Partner
  • Bi-weekly strategy meeting w/ key stakeholders
  • Key optimizations of new/high opportunity articles 
  • Weekly tech checks

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