B2C eCommerce SEO Case Study

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B2C Kitchenware


61% YoY (2022) increase in non-branded organic traffic
140% YoY (2022)increase in revenue from organic search
Semrush organic search traffic estimate over time.
Chart showing increase in organic search traffic since 2019.

More about Momentic's work with the client

The client is part of parent company to one of our other clients. We did a great job with the other client's SEO and replatform that we were asked to do the same type of work for the new client.

We spent a good amount of time on technical SEO - Shopify's build can be a little wonky for SEO, so we needed to shore things up continually for this particular website.

We also needed to consistently update our keyword research and meta updates based on the highly competitive nature of the category. The client also removed high peforming content and high performing products from their lineup which forced us to be nimble.

While the year got off to a slow start, things started to pick up toward the end of the 2022 and the year ended on a high note with organic traffic increasing 61% and revenue up 140%.

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