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Since the dawn of search engines, their algorithms have constantly been updated to provide more relevant and better results to their users.

This is why you need a team of white hat SEO experts on your side to ensure you’re visible to your potential customers in the moments that matter the most. Momentic is that team of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts you need; SEO is all we do.

We provide the services below in a holistic approach via ongoing Point Pricing Programs as well as customized, full-scale SEO projects. We also offer focused SEO Infrastructure Packages for a jumpstart on the road to SEO success, and we partner with advertising and marketing agencies via White Label SEO services.

SEO is a 3-Legged Stool

SEO Success

Technical SEO

Content Optimization

Link Profile

Imagine your website as a seat of a stool. It might be aesthetically pleasing with a comfortable contour, but it doesn’t do much by itself. To raise it up for maximum visibility in organic search results, you need the support of three equally important legs: technical SEO, content optimization and a diverse link profile.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the foundation of the organic search success of your website.

If search engine robots can’t crawl your website, it’ll be non-existent from search results. Have you recently discovered an unexpected rankings drop? We have processes in place to help diagnose what went wrong. After our thorough audit, we’ll lead you through a step-by- step-plan.

WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Craft or Custom CMS? We Do It All

Momentic works within whatever infrastructure your website is built in; we’ll never shame you into switching. We’ve seen (and probably worked within) it all. We improve SEO within all CMS setups.

See Technical Seo Pricing

Content Optimization

If your website doesn’t target the keywords real humans are searching for, your website will never be found by your target audience.

Keyword Research + Content Optimization

What topics are your target audience interested in, and how do they search for them? Want to know why your competitors seem to attract so much traffic? We’ll do a deep-dive and give you the scoop. What’s even better is we’ll coach you on how to leapfrog them by getting those target keywords into the right places in your content.

Video SEO

Get the best ROI out of videos on your website via advanced optimization for organic search. See Content Optimization Pricing

Link Profile

Inbound links are like votes for your website.

We analyze your website’s current link profile and your competitors’ link profiles to identify opportunities to earn links from relevant, high quality websites.

Local SEO

Proper implementation of local SEO techniques can be a make-it- or-break- it point for local businesses. See Link Building Pricing

Analytics & Reporting

Are you tracking the proper metrics?

We’ll take a look and let you know. Keeping track of the right KPIs (and where your conversions are coming from) will help you decide where best to invest your marketing efforts.

We make SEO easy. (Say “good bye” to sub rosa SEO)

Most SEO agencies hide their secrets behind a curtain. Momentic provides total transparency in everything we do. Our goal is to teach you the best ways to continue your website’s growth long term. We educate all of our clients as every improvement is made.

We’re in the trenches every day so you can focus on the larger picture of your website’s marketing strategy.

What are you waiting for? Check out Momentic’s totally transparent pricing.

“We brought Momentic a daunting SEO challenge: the need to maintain 20 years of organic search traffic from two separate large e-commerce websites while merging them into one. Momentic was up for the challenge and provided steady, detailed guidance, answered all of my team’s questions, and the results were just as we had hoped. Since then Momentic has provided expert technical advice and content recommendations that are positioning our site for long-term success in organic results.”

Chris Koszuta

General Manager, Sheet Music Direct

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